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Adding fallback page in frappe


This post explains how we can serve a fallback page instead of serving the default 404 when path can’t be resolved.

Frappe installation provides several routes by default. Some of them are /about /contact, /newsletters etc.

You might want your about page to be served when path provided by user cannot be resolved.


This post assumes that you have bench initialized and you are able to add a site to your frappe installation.

Let’s add a site

$ bench new-site

Default behaviour

If you access, you would see a 404 page.

Adding rules

There is a hookpoint called website_catch_all in which allows setting a fallback path.

Create an app so that we have a where we can add route.

$ bench new-app meeting # You could use any app name
$ bench --site install-app meeting

Add a module level attribute website_catch_all in meeting/meeting/

website_catch_all = ['about']

This would ensure that the About page is served in case the url cannot be resolved to a valid path.

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