Why AngularJS services aren't available in configuration blocks

This post explains why services aren’t available in configuration blocks.

AngularJS has a concept of $injector which has a function called invoke().

AngularJS has two injectors. They are:

  • instanceInjector
  • providerInjector

When we say $injector, most of the times we mean instanceInjector. You can read more about injectors in our last post.

instanceInjector, or what we generally call $injector, can provide access to a service in either of the following ways:

  • instantiate the service. Once instantiated instanceInjector caches the service
  • get the service from cache if its alreay in cache

At low level, Controller or Service code is executed by $injector.invoke(). And this $injector knows a way to reach the services in one of the two ways mentioned above.

During configuration phase, i.e when configuration block is executed, $injector i.e instanceInjector isn’t available. So instanceInjector cache isn’t available too and so services aren’t accessible in configuration blocks.

Try to access a service in configuration block and it will fail:

angular.module("core", []);
	.service("ProfileService", function () {
		var profile = {'name': 'hardcoded name'};
		return {
			'profile': profile;

Try to access this service in config block

	.config(["ProfileService", function (ProfileService) {

This failed because $injector isn’t available when config block executed.

Also there shouldn’t be a need to access services in configuration blocks. Configuration blocks are meant to configure things, eg: to configure a constant which will be used throughout the angular app. And services are meant to keep business logic. There shouldn’t be need to use business logic during configuration phase.

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