Link Roundup for week ending 19/11/2010

policystat writes about shifting seamlessfly from PHP to Django .. _shifting seamlessly * allbuttonspressed has come up with part 2 of their tutorial on using django-mediagenerator to power an offline HTML5 canvas app. .. _part 2 of their tutorial * No surprise. TextCaptchaBreaker breaks TextCaptcha with amazing accuracy. It's on github too. .. _TextCaptchaBreaker .. _TextCaptcha .. _github * If you know a bit of jQuery and are looking to learn YUI3, you might be interested in this Rosetta Stone.. _Rosetta Stone * Essential JavaScript & jQuery Design Patterns For Beginners might

  • Django core devs discuss the future of with and include templatetags
  • Here at agiliq, Shabda has written an article on summarizing our daily status at unfuddle.

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