Link Roundup for week ending 15/10/2010

This is the first in a series of posts where we share links aggregated from popular sources, tools we use, projects we work on, almost everything related to web development and more.…

  • Django's got HMAC signing: These set of changes prevent timing-based attacks and are fully backwards compatible unless you've a short SECRET_KEY.
  • Django's got more committers and they are already hard at work!
  • The django tests have been upgraded to use the unittest2 module. Phew! Lots of work has gone in the past couple of weeks. It just means one thing, the 1.3 alpha window is going to close soon. So hurry and unleash your ponies before it's too late but don't forget to thank the django developers for all the hard work!
  • On a slightly different note, Ubuntu 10.10, the latest release of our favourite operating system is out. Grab it and sudo apt-get super_powers ;-)
  • Check how Facebook is already using HTML 5 for the various parts of their site. If you are new to HTML5, you might want to check the awesome reference at Dive into HTML 5.
  • jCarousel is an easy to use jQuery plugin that moves items horizontally or vertically.
  • Yahoo! Search Boss v2 will be release in 2011 and the sad news is that it's going to be paid :( but it's going to get quite a few improvements.
  • A new version for the Google App Engine SDK has been released. Read this for more details.
  • A very well written article by Jesse Noller on How to compete with google. Must read for startups!
  • And lastly, we've released Djen of Django (html), a book whose goal is to teach django through practical examples. It's inspired from James Bennett's Practical Django Projects and is being written by Javed. We love to hear from you on how you find it.

We value your feedback on this series. Happy weekend!

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