Rails and Django commands : comparison and conversion

The most commonly used Rails commands and their Django equivalents

Rails Django
rails console manage.py shell
rails server manage.py runserver
rake None
rails generate None
rails dbconsole manage.py dbshell
rails app_name django-admin.py startproject/manage.py startapp
rake db:create manage.py syncdb

The salient points to note are,

  1. Django has all commands via manage.py, Rails has it broken into rails and rake.
  2. Overall there are more Rails+Rake commands available than Django commands
  3. There is no one to one mapping between Rails and Django commands. Eg. There are no equivalent to rake doc:* or rake notes in Django.

Similarly there is no equivalent to manage.py createsuperuser in rails.


http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/django-admin/ http://guides.rails.info/command_line.html http://github.com/agiliq/Acts-as-Django/blob/master/commands.markdown

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