How-to to run a software consulting business

How to hire a great team?

by shabda on October 10, 2011

So you have decided to hire. There is only one problem, eveyone good is already employed. Why should they leave their brand name jobs to join your small (and new and risky) company.

  • Ensure you are paying a fair salary. Lets face it, there is no substitute for money, everything else is a topping.
  • Ensure you provide a lot of learning opportunity. This is a area where startups/small businesses can really shine over larger companies
  • Provide autonomy. Larger companies have a lot of processes. Many smart people prefer the autonomy of small teams.
  • Make a name for yourself in open source world. Allow your team to contribute to open source.
  • Have a name for yourself in the technical community surrounding your technology.

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