How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for B2B leads?

Have you optimized your linkedin profile to get all the leads you need?
Why should you care about Linkedin?
1. LinkedIn has emerged as the goto place where people look for B2B buying and B2B sales.
2. Traffic from LinkedIn converts almost three times better than FB and Twitter. (Because these vistors are coming with a buy mentality, unlike people on Twitter/FB who come with a browse mentality.)
3. There are 161 million professionals worldwide on Linkedin. Most of them are looking to hire, to get hired or to carry out business activities, unlike FB or Twitter.
So if you are ready to optimize your linkedin profile to next level, read this article I wrote for watblog.


IOS 6 and WWDC

Apple unveiled the iOS 6 at WWDC and now iPad has Siri. Read more at Mashable. In Django world, Djangocon Europe was recently concluded, and everyone agrees it was great fun. Djangocon US is still a few months away.

The relentless march of technological progress

Did you know the firefox browser is now at version 13. Wow, wasn’t it just last year when we had Firefox 5! The technologies powering the web continue to advance at a rapid pace. Just this year we have such amazing releases as Django 1.4MeteorJS and more. We live in interesting times.

At Agiliq we build amazing web apps using Django and amazing mobile apps using HTML5 technologies. We follow agile processes and work with startups. Think we can help you? Give us a shout anytime at [email protected]


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