App store is a content distribution platform (more than a software distribution platform)

Wikipedia defines app store as,


“The iOS App Store is a digital application distribution platform for iOS developed and maintained by Apple.”


Everyday this application distribution platform is becoming a content distribution platform.



As on 12 Aug 2011, 6 of the 10 last app of the week were content apps. (A content app is one whose primary value is in the content, not the uniqueness of the software)





These apps could have worked almost as well as websites, but the monetization and distribution potential of app store means an app makes more sense.


What this means for you.


1. App store is a great place to sell content
2. Data which was hard to monetize can be monetized. Case:
It would be a hardsell to get consumers to pay for a website which has zipcode info. Apps like this ( (and clones) sell everyday in the App store.
3. Similarly nobody will pay for a wallpaper or a recipe from a website, but wallpaper and recipe apps are one of the top performing apps.
4. There are low hanging fruits to make money in the app store. Get started now.


When you have the credit card on file 0.99$ is not so different from $0.

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