Projects and apps.

There should be one base.html at the project level, and one base.html at each of the app levels. The app level base.html should extend the project level base.html.:

{# Eg Project base.html #}

<title>{% block title %}My Super project{% endblock %}</title>

{# app base.html #}

{% extends 'base.html' %}

{% block title %}{{ block.super }} - My duper app {% endblock %}

{# login.html #}

{% extends 'auth/base.html' %}
{% block title %}{{ block.super }} - Login {% endblock %}

Location of templates

The templates for an app should be available as appname/template.html. So the templates should be physically located at either

  1. project/templates/app/template.html
  2. project/app/templates/app/template.html

This allows two apps to have the same templates names.

Handling iterables which maybe empty

In your view you do:

posts = BlogPosts.objects.all()
payload = {'posts': posts}
return render_to_response('blog/posts.html', payload, ...)

Now posts may be empty, so in template we do,:

{% for post in posts %}
    <li>{{ post.title }}</li>
    {% empty %}
    <li>Sorry, no posts yet!</li>
{% endfor %}

Please, note about empty clause using. If posts is empty or could not be found, the empty clause will be displayed.